Trip de la Noria is a company that takes circus techniques as its exploration base.

Using partner acrobatics, juggling and fueled by our own life experiences, we want to illustrate a meeting between three different people in everything except one thing, the desire to get to know each other.

Using our doubts, our strengths and convictions, we decided to start a journey through our universes and fill that need to create a common space for the three of us.

A Peruvian crosses the pond, looking for new goals, a French woman moves away from her life in the mountains to pursue her dream. A Murcian quits his job and confronts his family to find his way. Working under the artistic direction of Rafael Martin, the Trip de la Noria was formed.


Hello, We are the company Trip de la Noria, it is a company of 4 people, now we are two but in reality we are 4, he is Agustin, I am Laura and we also work with Bernardo and Rafael.

Who are we:

We are circus artists, 3 of us who are performing in the company, and rafa who is our artistic and technical director and a great friend.

It’s been 10 months since we created the company. It’s very recent because I finished the course of the carampa school, the pre-professional training, this summer. That’s where we met Agus and Bernardo, who came for a technical year, so we got together to form the company and we do partner acrobatic and cigar boxes, juggling with boxes. And Rafa was our partner acrobatics and fitness teacher and has joined the troupe as artistic director.

How we plan our creation process:

Our creation process is initially planned to last for a year and the training sessions are planned on a weekly basis to coordinate our personal work, classes, creation parts, physical training parts, etc.

How we manage the artistic residencies:

At the moment we have had 2 artistic residencies, one we recently finished at the circus school Carampa and a second artistic residency at cinesia and both were thanks to contacts. Carampa is our circus school, Cinesia was a place where we used to go to train our performances, and that’s why we knew the people who run it and that’s how we were able to manage our residency. Cinesia is a social center that has been created to practice partner acrobatics, in a neighborhood of Madrid, then the association was set up, the group and that is where we were training and we were able to ask for the space to make a residence.

How do you manage the administration and diffusion:

We are currently immersed in a process of creation so our main priority is not to make ourselves known but we are trying to be active with social networks, either instagram, or by sending emails to different schools or circus centers to offer what we currently have.

Do we have subsidies:

At the moment we are not eligible for subsidies because we are in the process of legalizing our situation as a company either as an association or however we finally decide to do it.

How did you learn to write a good dossier?

In a completely self-taught way, using certain programmes such as Canva, which helped us a lot when it came to writing a dossier, and by learning from the dossiers of other companies, it allowed us to get into this new world of paperwork and writing dossiers.

Yes, because it’s all very recent for us, we just started to learn everything about it.

What has been the biggest difficulty:

The biggest difficulty is an important issue, what you discover when you start working with 3 people, and learning to live together and to spend all the moments together, the good and the bad, it’s a great job. Beyond the artistic and the circus, learning to work together is a great job, it’s a good difficulty but it’s what makes the company have its essence.

Description of a normal working week:

There is nothing normal. Each week is a little different, we organize ourselves according to schedules, in fact, now, for example, we are starting a new routine of schedules according to what we can do in the places of the residences, the schedules of the spaces where we can train, which are also being rhythmised according to our individual work, classes… So it depends a bit on how it’s going, but it’s true that every week we do a checkpoint to see how it’s going next week.

Resources that have helped us:

We have a lot to thank the Carampa school for, beyond when we have finished the training, it is a place where we are always welcome, we have all the material, the space, and moral help we can ask for, and they have always given us a hand and that is very much appreciated. Also the space Cinesia, which we were talking about when we were training, which is being used by the association Acromad, which is the association of partner acrobatics of Madrid, who have also lent us material, and let us know and use this space called Cinesia, which is in the Villaverde district of Madrid.

Also Darek, very well known here, who has helped us a lot with the material, to build things and learn to make things with our hands, that is a help that has been very strong for us, because it is true that when you start to create a company, a show, suddenly you want to create things and you ask yourself how can I get this wood, how can I build this thing, well with people who know a lot and who are willing to help, that has been very good for us.

And of course, Rafa, our artistic director who has worked with us all this summer so that we can start to create a show.

Our only source of income for this project:

At the moment, we all give private classes on our own, we have had a few small classes that have allowed us an income but not much, and the aim is that in the medium term it will be our main source of income.

Where we will see ourselves in 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years:

Actually now, as we have agreed to start at least one year of creation, until then we will be here, in Madrid, with the work circle that we have created here, so it is the place that suits us best. For now it is very difficult to know what it is, but we are looking forward to continuing this further.

3 weeks and 3 months yes, 3 years… it remains to be seen haha, let’s see if we can hold on… hopefully….

What we would have liked to know before setting up a company:

I think the administrative issue, I think it is something basic that people should be very aware of because it is not easy at all. We are faced with many things, that at first, if we start from zero, it is very complicated and when you don’t have, also, an important economic subtext it is doubly complicated, so I think that, informing people to prepare themselves well because it is not a bed of roses to set up a company and there are many obstacles to overcome, but if you surround yourself with the right people you will succeed and they will support you, but it is not easy.


Try and fight for it, but be aware that it won’t be easy.

How do we survive:

Giving it all, all the time, it’s like that, it’s also a very special job to work in the circus, we do it because we want to, I don’t know yet I don’t have the answer, but we are surviving, with a lot of energy, with a lot of desire and in the end it’s a job you have to give effort and it’s like that, with 1000% motivation.

4 words:

Universe, dream, memory and work.


The cigar boxes can be more painful than the partner acrobatics, we have given ourselves a few blows haha…!