Alea Jacta Est is a Franco-Chilean blend brought together in a Latin phrase: “The dice are thrown”.

Leaving it to chance when juggling is to adapt to uncertain trajectories and try to master them.

But once in the air, what’s done is done, all that remains is to catch up with what was launched! Perhaps it would be more accurate to translate the company Alea Jacta Est as “The clubs are thrown”?!

Matías and Timoté met in Grenoble in 2016.

Both students in professional training at the Vit’anim Circus School, they share the same discipline, juggling.

From the end of their first year, they begin to work together and bring out lines, curves, parallels, and original ways of passing objects to each other.

The duo Alea Jacta Est was born.

To improve their juggling, they follow the masterclass of the Éole project, then continue their training to perfect their practices at the CRAC in Lomme. There they meet Pauline with whom they quickly share a desire to have fun and create.

Currently the company is:

3 juggling numbers, “Que Viene!” Choreographic juggling duo by Matías and Timoté, “Rituel excessif”, juggling ceremony by Matías and “Intime existence”, confident and gesticulated juggling by Timoté.

2 clownish acrobatic acts, Bleue and Macumba by Pauline.

1 show of 45 min in trio, Z.A.P Circus (provisional title).


Hi everyone!
Today you will learn how to create your own company the cirque
go matias

Who are you and what is your project about?
we are the company “alea jacta est”
I am matias, juggler from chile
I am timothée juggler too, i come from france
I am pauline, mostly acrobat
you too met in first year

right? in 2016
yes, that´s true
We met in 2016 in Grenoble, in the school of cirque Vitanime we were the two jongleurs of CLUBS in the promo so we said, let’s create something
So then we started to perform together we started to juggle and create together after the two years in grenoble we started to create our company because we wanted to perform in the summer together
yes, we wanted to go everywhere
right after that we continued our studies, we went to CRAC de Lomme, Center REgional of arts of cirque
we studied for 3 years in a solo project, not in duo but in the same promo
and there we met Pauline
yes I studied there too, we met there and we came out in 2021, the three of us
and it’s then when we decided to create projects together at the end of the school, we created an structure that they had already started
yes, we had already half of it written, and after the school we finished writing it
and now its been 1 year since the company exists and it has become an association
in fact this association has more than one artistic project
we have a solo each, we have an artistic outdoor parade, very well adaptable
they have a duo
there is also a future creation of trio that we are working on
that has to do with the artistic universe of each of us
we have made the first edition this summer
that is the idea of sharing and spreading our connections and shows that we’ve liked in our festival
furthermore, there is the pedagogic specialization
we have not developed much yet but we are constantly teaching workshops, sharing our passion and the different ways of creating
in addition, I teach two workshops a year for kids and parents
I also wanted to add that we sometimes create projects on demand
for example, we have created Perturbation
that was created in 2 weeks

How do you play your Creation process?
How do you manage your artistic residencies?
In summary, the creation process, as we do it, has to do with the will of presenting, that’s
why we take our time to make research and create objectives, so that we define what kind of show we need to create related with our styles in advance, which takes time
after that, we try to concentrate it a little more
we have to work what we have to research
for example, we have to create a dance act, and we decide how we are going to do it,
traditional duo or whatever it can be
so once it’s define we select the music that will also help us in the creation process
and all this material will take time to be explore as a laboratory
later we write down all this material reunited
it happens that we lose a little the objective in the way, so we go back to it and redefine it
one more time so that it becomes further concentrated
we select the material and we organize it
so we have a first moment of objective search and a second one of material search
once we precise both of them we write and compose with all of that, and then we repeat
and do all of this in sessions, prioritizing the dates
and from our disponibility we decide the dates of residence
the planning its already a constraint
and we also depend of the space where we will present, we have to adapt the show to the space
maybe there are residences in which we work things that are not completely related with the cirque because it’s not possible in that space to work in such a physical way
so we work on the music, or the composition sometimes we even do bricolage
we do things that have to do with the show
in general we try to define exact deadlines to not run out of time
the time schedule help us to be more efficient because if we had infinite time I think we would never finish so that we are obliged to fix our creation

How do you manage the administration and communication of your
we have created the company one year ago
I was in charge we the administration part
in synthesis we have an association, a bank account, we have an insurance we have a license
we have a president, a whole administration, a representative and a secretary
we are accompanied by volunteers
we try to take complete charge in the administration
and at this moment we do it all, we receive a lot of help from other companies in which we work and we have administrative connections that give us advice and help
and we make mistakes
that’s how we learn
we will make more and that’s how we will continue growing
but luckily we have good help
currently we do the publicity
maybe later there will be someone else in charge
the administration and the spreading we try to manage it but as we have other projects at the side is difficult
at the moment we can handle it but i hope later it will be someone else

Do you have access to subsidies?
but its not completely true because we are working on it, waiting for answers
we are looking for foundings for the next creation in trio

How would you describe a typical work day or week?
That depends on the exchange we have organized in the week, if we have to work on the scenography, or something else or the music , in which we bring all our instruments and experiment as needed, that could be arrhythmical music for example lights or cirque, that depends on what is in the schedule for that week and in which part of the process we are.

Sometimes it happens that we have an organized schedule, but it also happens sometimes
that we don’t follow it exactly as planned, which is normal and makes part of the process of creation, we don’t get lost but we have smaller objectives, inside of the big and global objective.

each week we say: it would be nice if at the end of the week we have finished the papers or the music, or at the end of this other week we need to finish this other number, and we close eyes and we continue because each time the creation takes you in different paths
we don’t have always this little objectives but that help us sometimes each day we change and adapt even if we try to keep things organized

Is this Protect your only source of resources?
Do you have projects apart from this company?
With timothee as we work in duo, we have many projects together
not only in duo
we work in Nothing Personal, in Transhumans, in Trisquel, what else Circograph,
that is a new one we also do some solos in Circographie
I also work in the Company Recreation Comedian
I take part in the company Primer Intention,
we also do some replacements we’ve done mapping,
yes mapping is an audiovisual project with a projection on the caravan
we are three in this project, one duo portes and one jungler but the three of us, as artist, we have some gigs in small events animation, neighborhood parties (that’s where we eat), parades, every little gig that gives us that extra we need
anyway, this company it’s not our first resource, if not our personal protect,
which we would love the most to be our principal resource
we also teach classes, i teach some courses for kids, there is also time for other personal
project, we also take time to continue growing as artists

Where do you see yourselves in 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years?
in 3 weeks we will be in our residence of Trisquel

Where will you be in three weeks?
me… i will be teaching
we see each other at the end of november
we see each other in 4 weeks
in 3 weeks we know each project takes a lot of time, either we are in residence or we start touring, we are busy until 2024
we know what will happen in the next 6 months, but we are always open for new projects and also new things can arrive in relation with all the needs we’ve said the project has having more diffusion, that our festival has more people after if we go further, in 3, 5 years
I spect our trio project has already been presented in many places, and maybe in three
years we have new and different ideas, and projects
maybe we integrate more people
it will be great that we have more of one edition of the festival
and then later maybe each has further developed their dreams in the cirque
who knows, a place of cirque
maybe a house
a dog
awww a dog
a private jet
an island
who knows
or the end of the world
the apocalypse

What would you have liked to know before creating a company?
What advice would you give to those who want to found their own
I would have liked to study administration
no, it’s not true on reality, it’s not stupid
actually as we had our formation in circus arts, we learn to be artist and not to administrate for that there is another job, another person who should do it administrative, gestor we are in an auto gestion we have learned it ourselves now we know more in administration
but if we had known more maybe we had committed less mistakes even if its not bad to burn
I am trying to think
It is connected to having finished an school formation and being intermittent
That also has a lot to do with knowing how to administrate yourselves, and have your birth certification, things like that clearly
anyway, to connect with the other question
you shouldn’t doubt to ask questions to people who know or you have around you
because that is what you do when you decide to take so much charge in the administrative
actually, 9 months before creating the company,
we took time to ask a lot of questions, to people that had already their own company or that were starting to create it
that have like 10 years of experience
and we tried asking questions to have our own opinion in how to start the company
because there are mil ways of doing it and you can also always choose to just be an artist
my advice, if you want to create your own company is; ask question, ask and reask, ask
more than once the same questions, and little by little you will know what is best for your own project

LEt’s play

describe your project in 4 words
we will say one each and then one all at the same time

Does everyone have their word in their mouth?
1 2 3

Matías and Timoté: the circus !

Pauline: the day by day!adaptable

the human
the human that takes the money
the money
the intermittent
the jungle
have fun
i hope that helped you
Thanks to the festival!