Centre régional des arts du cirque
(Lomme – Lille, France)


Presentation of the school

The CRAC (Regional Circus Arts Centre) is a circus school that brings together amateur and professional practice of circus arts. There are amateur courses for children, adults and the public adapted. In addition, the school intervenes in schools to have the circus decreed to children.

The school’s association also hosts two professional trainings: a Preparatory Class for Higher Schools in two years ; and a Professional Training that prepares for the world of work in circus in 3 years.

Presentation of the group : an actual promo

The school’s representative group for this project is FA2, the second year of Professional training.Students come from different countries (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Chile, Argentina) and each has its own specialty. There are 4 specialties: hand to hand, chinese pool, juggling and handstand/contortion.

Presentation of the two leaders, Maëna and Pablo

Maëna is a handstand balancer within this promotion. Before joining CRAC, she followed a training in urban acrobatic arts in Paris as well as a preparatory training in circus arts in Bordeaux.

Pablo studied marine biology in Chile before coming to France to join the CRAC in juggling.


Meet the team

Maëna Chainon
Pablo Garreton