Euforica, de CRECE 2022 is an unrepeatable and fleeting show where there is room for all emotions, a great circus world where we invite you to enter without prejudice, with your mind and body available and attentive to listen to the proposal of these young creators. Every year, CRECE brings together circus artists from different international schools for a unique creation.

In the words of its stage director, Veronica Capozzoli, this show addresses, from the imaginary and experimental concerns of all of them, the concept of pleasure, in its political/social and subjective actuality. What is pleasure in our social context? What role and what weight does pleasure assume for each of us and for a collective? in what form does it manifest itself? is it sought after? […] is the circus pleasure? where does pleasure live in the circus? is a body, and a circus body, the political territory of pleasure? […] the multidisciplinarity that I propose to myself wants to be a nourishing encounter. […] a dynamic dramaturgy, a channel of expression that allows the artists to express their artistic concerns with depth and intelligibility, providing a dis-organic device that allows a real, pro-evocative and sincere encounter with the public.

Artists: Jasper Mauritius Deininger, Laura Lombarte, Sofi Fernández, Moïse Luneau, Mateo Castelblanco, Fernando Mariscal, Teo Martin Rubio, Francisca Sanhueza, Borja Nou.

Photographer: ©️ Gaby Merz