Juan Martínez

Malabar it’s an audiovisual project of juggling that’s inquire in different artistic expressions with the purpose of incite the viewer to consider new visual, spatial , rythmic and lighting elements as possibilities within reach of juggling.

ABOUT Juanito

My name is Juanito Martínez, I have been a juggler for more than 12 years and I am from Santiago de Chile.

The “MALABAR” project was born in August 2020 in the context of the Winter Festival, a music and arts streaming festival held in Santiago de Chile.

This is an audiovisual project that investigates different artistic expressions, in order to encourage the viewer to consider new visual, spatial, rhythmic and light elements as possibilities within the reach of juggling.

The creation process was actually quite fast, since I had less than 2 weeks to think of an idea, unfortunately at that time I was not training much, because the covid context in Chile was quite strict and you practically couldn’t do anything outside from your home.

I wanted to do something different, I really like movies and I wanted to get out of the classic juggling videos. So I saw some movies and I said to myself “It would be nice to do a sequence shot” I didn’t have much time to think of a story that conveyed something deep, so we focused clearly on the audiovisual and with the help of Pablo O’Ryan (camera man ) and the entire winter festival team managed to complete the project.