Aerial silks, acrodance, trapeze, hoop, juggling… All circus techniques at the service of young artists from the Carampa circus school. Triptico de ausencias are three pieces of collective creation that show the desire of these emerging artists to create their own works and talk about what matters to them. Communicating through movement, transmitting through acrobatics, speaking from a trapeze; visual poetry that beats in Kairos, Dê(s)foule-toi and Palabras de Ausencia.

The three works speak about loneliness from different perspectives. It seems that the pandemic has been – and is – an experience that has left its mark on the imaginary of these young people.

Kairos speaks to us of the journey, the path towards the unknown, migration, finding that moment that makes the journey an encounter with oneself or the opportunity that has been denied to us and that we have long desired.

Artists: Mihaela Zahmanova, Laura Péré, Andrea Chipoco, Anouk Tournier, Elian Flipo and Fernando Mariscal.

Circus techniques: aerial silks, acrodance, rope in duo and fixed trapeze.

Dê(s)foule-toi is a choreographed piece that zigzags between right and wrong decisions: how not to do too much, how to do it well? The characters are constantly moving from one side to the other, because recognising a wrong step is the first step to find the path we want.

Artists: Carolina Peralta, Dana Calderón Díaz, Emma Ducuing, Ignacio Veloso and Luigi.

Circus techniques: acrobatics, partner acrobatics and acrodance.

Palabras de Ausencia is a reflection on loneliness by the poet Roberto Juarroz. Playing the balance through suspension, fall, flight and time. From death to life, from everything to nothing, from harmony to chaos.

Artists: Viviana Parra, Sebastián Serna, Martín Olaberría, Laura Lombarte, Charlie Poisson and Reyes Lulu.

Circus techniques: aerial silks, trapeze, hoop, juggling, partner acrobatics and acrodance.

Photographer: ©️ Keko Teran